• Horror Musical Themes

    Top 10 Horror Movie Musical Themes

    In this post we will be reviewing some of the most horrific theme and scene music that truly sets a terrifying tone for some of the all time best horror movies. Shock factor, iconic status and memorability will be the basis of the top picks for this list. Not even the local kansas city arborists can cut these horrific sounds out of your memory tree. Your ears will be in for a scare as these songs are sure to bring you back to that moment of pure terror portrayed in each film.

  • Terrifying Movies

    Top 10 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

    Alright, so we took a poll and thanks to the team at this Target Digital Marketing Agency we got some great data on what you thought were some of the most frightening movies on the web. These are some of the scarier, more disturbing movies on our list and because they will creep you right out, we suggest finding a buddy to watch them with you or else you might end up loosing some sleep or your mind for that matter!